Red de emoji

You know those symbols on the back of dangerous products? Well Europe decided every country should use the same symbol. So everybody knows what they happens when used wrong. They also found out children aged 9 till 14 are more likely to misinterpret those symbols. #tidepods

So the creative guys at Bubka came up with the idea to use emoji’s. and let them show what could happen if you don’t know those symbols. Kids get to see a short video and can choose what symbol fits the product. When they pick right the emoji lives. When they’re wrong…well. The emoji suffers. A lot

Here’s one of the 9 storyboard I made. It’s about oxidation. In short; a comet falls on the emoji’s house, sets it on fire and the emoji comes out screaming. Luckily there’s a mysterious bottle waitong outside. What should he do? Check the bottle on what’s in it? Or just go for it! Your house is on fire!!

Here’s the one with a happy ending

And here’s the bad ending.

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